What is the Official Wiffy Counter?

What the heck is a Wiffy?

What the heck is a Wiffy?

Good question!

It all started back in the late 1990s, just when WiFi was being introduced. Back then, it wasn’t the world’s most reliable and stable wireless communications protocol.

I was working for a large telco at the time and everyone who was working on it would refer to the technology as a bit dubious, aka “iffy”, aka “wiffy”.

But why?

It’s not all bad. Since becoming the de-facto leader of this form of pronounciation; I have learned that there are other people in the world who pronounce it this way.

Most people tend to pronounce it this way.

However, languages are a fluid, evolving entity. No one should get so hung up on the “correct way”, because everything changes.

There is absolutely no way any of us would understand anyone from 200 years ago. So, just go with the flow…

You bozo! Why can’t you say it right?

No. Sorry. World domination is close.

What is the Official Wiffy Counter?

One of my subscribers 2000jago is the current Official Wiffy Counter. It’s the critical job of the OWC to count all the wiffies spoken in my videos to let the world know the true damage done to the English language.

When the OWC tweets the current Wiffy count, one of my Raspberry Pis will pick this up, update my Wiffy Counter, take a photo and push it to my website.

Hey! I say it that way as well!

Excellent, excellent, excellent!


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